Commercial & Residential Services

Commercial Control

With a structured I.P.M. strategy, we will inspect your place of business and provide a customized approach for complete pest control. We will eliminate any immediate threat, as well as engage in preventative strategies in order to maintin a pest free work environment.

-  Includes all general insects and rodents

-  Routine Service Options

    (monthly quarterly, etc.)

-  Custom Binder Left Onsite to Track Activity

Residential Control

Insects and rodents are resposible for causing structural damage to millions of homes each year. From Carpenter Ants and Termites to Rodents and Bedbugs, Banner Pest Control has the right tools and training to solve your problem quickly and efficiently. Call today at the first sign of a threat for a free quote!

-  We service Eastern MA and Souther NH

-  Each job is back by a 100% service guarantee

    (6 to 12 month service warranty available)

-  Year-Round services available with our 

    HomeService Plan!